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Paint Shop Products is a local supplier of paints for the Automotive, Trade and domestic markets covering the South of England. Trading as a specialist paint supplier for over 10 15 years, its roots are firmly established in a parent company founded in 1929. Catering primarily for the industrial and automotive refinishing industries, Paint Shop Products also delivers high quality paint solutions for the domestic retail market with traditional counter sales and helpful advice on hand for more individual requests. Professional and friendly service is the hallmark of PSP, we can ship parcels all over the UK and provide a service to local trade accounts. As part of an associated network of Lechler agents, any requests for delivery can be forwarded to any part of the UK Network who will deliver the same high standard of quality and service. Paint Shop Products aims to be the leading supplier of paint and associated products for the Thames Valley Region, building profitable and long-term relationships whilst supplying high quality products at affordable prices. Paint Shop Products Unit 37 Youngs Industrial Estate Paices Hill Aldermarston Berkshire RG7 4PW Tel: 0118 981 6216 Fax: 0118 981 5910 Email: sales@paintshop-products.co.uk Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8.30 am - 5.00 pm Saturday 9.00am – 12.30pm Closed all day Sunday Traditional trade counter sales and friendly service always goes a long way. At PSP we pride ourselves on helpful and knowledgeable advice and technical guides for specific information. A comprehensive selection of consumable products from preparation materials and abrasives through to paints and polishes are held in stock. These include: • On site mixing with over 35,000 colours to choose from • Specialist motorcycle colours • Car body panels (by special order) • Garage floor paints including anti-slip • Custom made aerosol sprays • Synthetic, Cellulose and Acrylic paints • A full range of air tools, spray guns and compressors • Brushes and cleaning materials • Valeting products • Abrasives and other dry goods • Colour matching service It might be worth calling to ensure availability before popping down to see us. For this and any other enquiry please contact us by telephoning 0118 981 6216 or email on sales@paintshop-products.co.uk Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am-5.00pm Saturday 9.00am-12.30pm Closed all day Sunday Lechler Coatings (www.lechler.it) Lechler is aiming high. Its objective is to create new products capable of combining performance and results which excel in our changing environment. These products have been developed to continually meet customer demands and expectations in a rapidly changing market. Scheme Installations Please insert HYDROFAN BROCHUE INFORMATION HERE Macrofan HS System: This is an innovative polyvalent mixing system for car refinishing, comprising of 31 basic colours and 10 binders. It makes it possible to obtain: • Six topcoats having different effects, technical features and variable solid content • An all-purpose coloured primer for plastics • A filling surfacer for dry on dry cycles • A Sealer for dry on dry and wet on wet cycles The system has been designed to enable a bodyshop to obtain, with just one mixing-machine, primers, topcoats and coloured surfacers in all shades. This makes it possible to: • Avoid applying the ground-coat in two coat applications • Contribute to the coverage of top coat enamel’s, so as to save time and product especially in the case of low-coverage paints • Reproduce the shades of original O.E.M finishes • Reproduce the shades of the interior parts of the car, removing the need to apply the final topcoat in these areas Furthermore, the system makes it possible to obtain single-layer Topcoats for solid colours with different: • Solid content • Aesthetic effect • Drying time • Coverage • Spreading capacity • V.O.C. content The pigments have been selected in order to reproduce faithfully original shades obtaining extremely high resistance to the weather and chemical agents. Chromium, Lead, Cadmium etc. do not enter into the composition of the Macrofan HS System. System Services Laboratory: A highly specialized colour assistance is guaranteed, offering constant and timely information, as well as technical assistance, equipment and products. Colour Chips (Topcoats): Two sets of colour chips for identifying the colours complement the mixing system. Master car – A modular sample set containing colour chips representing over 12,000 reference colours of European, Asian and North American car manufacturers. Primer & Filler – Two bunches of samples containing over 350 colour references in the most common hues used by car manufacturers for primer, surfacer and car interiors. Data Box CD: A single CDROM manages both the working software and some 40,000 formulations of all of Lecher’s mixing systems. To update the formula and introduce new software versions, just replace the CDROM. Backup and Re-supply: With twice a day deliveries and merchandiser stock checks available to all scheme holders the service ensures you never run out of stocks. Paint Ancillaries Waste Collection Services Tetrosyl Waste Management provide us with a full waste disposal facility. All the products listed below are collected by Tetrosyl and invoiced through Paintshop Products. Collections can be arranged with a minimum of 5 days notice and all the relevant environmental documentation is supplied by Tetrosyl. All the above now carry an environmental disposal charge implemented by the Government. Training Courses A full range of training courses are supplied either as on site services specific to a large bodyshop or to be carried out at our paint suppliers training facility in Middlewich OR AT THE THATCHAM RESEARCH & TRAINING CENTRE. These include the new primer mixing scheme as well as general application techniques for Lechler products. Consumables We hold in stock a full range of products from the following suppliers: • Mirka • Starchem • Sealey • Chapman & Smith • Tetrosyl • Upol We also carry in stock a selection of products from 3M and Farecla. From paint brushes to compressors and sandpaper to respirators, visit the counter or call for details. A complete range of paints from Lechler Coatings, and Pro Spray cover most applications within the industrial and commercial markets. Due to the range of products available some may need to be ordered in advance. To best establish your business needs, on site visits help us assess any project requirements. Please contact us to arrange an appointment. The portfolio of industrial paints covers commercial paints, industrial paints and special effects. The system Paint Shop Products works with is composed of highly concentrated tint bases. These high performance products cover anticorrosion primers, covering fillers/insulating and refinish with different colour effects - glossy, semi-matt, matt structured, textured, metallic, micaceous iron and hammer effect. The chemical bases range from polyurethane, synthetic, acrylic, vinyl, epoxy, nitro, acidic to phenolic. With our onsite colour matching service over 4,000 colours are available in RAL, British Standard Pantone, NCS and Commercial Fleet Colour. Effective costings allow small and bulk users to enjoy top quality products. Not only do we have our own comprehensive mixing station but we can also install and maintain one similar onsite. To find out more please contact us. Other Related Sites: PART OF PRODUCT RANGE INDUSTRIAL SECTION Anti Rust Priming Coat Synthetic Phenol resin based Zinc Phosphate Syntoprimer Zinc 29101 Excellent anti corrosion resistance. Chrome & Lead free. Fast drying Fast drying synthetic primer Syntoprimer 29103 Fast drying good adhesion to bare steel. Semi matt Vinyl Copolymer Technogrip 29130 Excellent adhesion to bare steel, aluminium, zincated steel, concrete High quality, fast drying alkyd enamel Syntolack High 29110 Good weather resistance Excellent gloss Micaceous iron oxide decorative paint Syntolack Metal 29111 Metallic decorative appearance Good substrate protection. Fast drying alkyd enamel Syntolack Opaco 29112 High solids, excellent appearance. Uniform matt effect, Very fast drying alkyd enamel Syntolack Rapid 29114 Good gloss, easy to apply, very fast drying Thixotropic satin gloss alkyd enamel Syntolack TIX 29115 Excellent velvet appearance. Very easy application when applied generously Fast drying alkyd enamel Syntolack 29116 Easy to apply, excellent gloss and flow, good weather resistance, fast drying Brushing alkyd enamel Syntolack Penn 29117 Easy to apply to large areas. Excellent gloss & flow, very hard film. Very good colour fastness Brushing alkyd matt enamel Syntolack Penn Opaco 29118 Excellent velvet appearance, easy to apply, good colour fastness, scratch and wear resistance. Fast drying alkyd enamel Semi Matt Monosynt 29119 Easy to apply, good hiding power. Mix with 29116 to achieve various levels of gloss Semi Matt finishing coat, Vinyl Co polymer Anti corrosive zinc phosphate pigments. Technogrip 29130 Protection against mineral acids oils, fats, aliphatic hydrocarbons. Very good weather resistance. Can be used as a one coat finish Micaceous iron oxide finishing coat Vinyl Copolymer anticorrosive zinc phosphate pigments. Technogrip Metal 29131 Metallic decorative finish, good resistance to mineral acids, oils, fats, aliphatic hydrocarbons. Very good weather resistance. Adheres to aluminium, steel, zinc Industrial Nitro Comby Lacquer Nitron 29180 For use in general industrial applications. i.e. machines metallic shelves, tools etc. Fast drying, good adhesion to steel plate, good gloss appearance Matt industrial nitro comby lacquer Nitron Opaco 29182 Suitable for tools, metallic shelves, general industrial uses. Very fast drying, good adhesion to steel plate, good gloss appearance High quality Nitro - cellulose lacquer Nitron High 29184 Easy to apply. Very quick drying good elasticity, excellent covering power, appearance and gloss Two - Pack Polyurethane filler-sealer Dry-Dry Isofiller 29104 For commercial vehicles and general industrial uses as a higher build filler. Easy to apply, fast crosslinking, easy dry sand, good filling properties, high solid, sinkage free chromate free. Two pack polyurethane sealer Wet-Wet Isosealer B/B 29106 For commercial vehicles and industrial uses especially on large areas Two Pack Epoxyprimer Chrome and Lead free. Epoxyprimer (wet on wet)29107 Easy to apply, very good adhesion high build, easy to sand, no sinkage Two component matt polyurethane finish for scratch proof soft - touch films. soft 29139 High body film, very elastic and soft to the touch. Excellent scratch resistance. Easy to apply uniform matt finish High quality two pack polyurethane enamel Isolack High 29140 Easy to apply, very high build, high gloss, excellent weather and chemical resistance. Two pack matt polyurethane lacquer Isolack PUR Opaco 29141 Easy application, fast drying, good weather resistance Two pack polyurethane enamel for industrial satin finishes. Isolack Opaco 29142 Excellent appearance, high solids, uniform and antiscratch matt satin finish. Good weather resistance Two component acrylic enamel Acryl 2k 29143 Easy application. Excellent appearance. Very good adhesion Two pack polyurethane enamel for industrial finishes. Isolack 29144 Excellent appearance, very high filling properties. Very good weather resistance. Two pack polyurethane enamel for industrial finishes. Isolack PUR 29145 Easy application, fast drying, very good appearance. Good weather resistance. Two - pack high gloss brushing polyurethane lacquer. Isolack Penn 29147 Excellent appearance. High gloss Very good weather resistance. Very easily applied. Two pack matt brushing polyurethane Isolack Penn Opaco 29148 Excellent velvety appearance. Very good weather resistance. Easy to apply. Two component matt acrylic enamel Acryl 2k Opaco 29152 Uniform satin effect. Easy application. Excellent appearance. Very good adhesion directly to many substrates. Two Pack orange peel polyurethane lacquer Isolack GFR 29146 Excellent appearance. Good gloss Excellent weather resistance. Two Pack structured polyurethane lacquer Isolack Texture 29149 Very good anti-slip action. Easy application. Good scratch resistance. Two Pack structured acrylic enamel Acryl 2k Texture 29159 Fine grain textured finish. Easy application. Very good adhesion directly to many substrates. Good chemical resistance. Good scratch resistance. Two Pack epoxy gloss enamel. Epodur 29170 Very good hardness and adhesion. Excellent aggressive chemical agents resistance. High gloss. Two Pack matt epoxy enamel (25 + - 5 gloss) Epodur Opaco 29172 Very good hardness and adhesion Excellent aggressive chemical agent resistance. Uniform satin finish. Two component structured epoxy lacquer Epodur EFB 29176 Very good adhesion to steel, galvanized steel, aluminium. Excellent scratch resistance, Orange peel effect. One coat finishing with good adhesion Nitron 2k 29185 Very good adhesion directly to small metal, Aluminium and Galvanized Steel. Excellent covering power. Fast drying. Easy to apply. Melamine alkyd stoving enamel for industrial Stove 120° 29120 Very good gloss, hard durable film first class adhesion to bare metal Melamine alkyd stoving matt enamel for industrial uses Stove 120° Opaco 29122 Very hard film, very good adhesion to bare metal, scratch resistance giving a uniform satin finish One component glossy urethane enamel Isolack 1k 29150 Easy to apply, high coverage, perfect flow by spraying and brushing, high gloss, very fast drying with hard and elastic film. .

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